Waterman Co. Sup Paddles are developed using all the expertise and CAD tools for their design and advanced composite process to build them. 

To design a well-balanced sup paddle a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Then CAD design tools allow us to analyze the curves, blade area, surface transition, aspect ratio, and 3D shapes. Testing with riders is a key part of our development.

BASE: Maximum width of outline.
LENGTH: Maximum length of the blade.

AREA: Effective area of the blade.

DIHEDRO: Angle between the paddle shaft and the blade.

SPINE: The spine is a key design feature of the blade that prevents the flattering.

Several composite processes are used to build the different components that will create the final SUP Paddle. Infusion and RTM Light (resin transfer molding), bladder molding, and filament winding are used to build the carbon composite parts. With this process plus the female alloy CNC machined mould we obtain a high-end quality composite parts.

Aluminum female closed mould RTM vaccum technology.


Waterman Co. Hydrofoils are the result of the collaboration of naval architects, boatbuilders, designers and hydrodynamicists. It was developed and designed using the best 3D modeling and calculation tools. Parametrized programs were used to evaluate by CFD (computational fluid design) the different options and thus obtain a very balanced design.

Many parameters need to be considered and every decision in the design process is key to develop the Hydrofoil that its wanted. First step of the loop is to understand the definition of each parameter from a theoretical point of view. Finally practicing and testing is done to refine details to obtain an optimized hydrofoil ready for serial production.

BACK WING: Main parameters.

FRONT WING: Main parameters.

ASPECT RATIO: Wing Span / Chord

ÁREA: Effective area of the wing

ANHEDRO: Downward inclination of a wing.

CONICAL JOINT: Mast / Fuselage connector.

Isometric view

After trying several processes we have defined to build our Wings in pre-preg carbon through Aluminum Female Closed moulds. Vacuum technology is used on intermediate steps to compact each carbon ply.   

Thanks to the through design of these tools plus high skilled builders we obtain a high-end quality composite part.

Aluminum female closed mould carbon pre-preg + epoxy foam vaccum technology.