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The WM Condor 1300 Hydrofoil is the result of the collaboration of naval architects, boatbuilders, designers and hydrodynamicists. It was developed and designed using the best 3D modeling and calculation tools. Parametrized programs were used to evaluate by CFD (computational fluid design) the different options and thus obtain a very balanced design.


We design our own die for the extrusion of the mast. A hydrodynamic profile with a good balance in stiffness and weight. Its material is an Aluminum alloy with a matte black anodized finish treatment. It has a connection system with the wedge-type fuselage, we make sure we have a rigid connection and without play with the fuselage. All our masts are interchangeable


Plata modeled and thought in 3d CAD. CNC machined and its material is an aluminum alloy with a matte black anodized finish treatment. Quick screw installation system without having to completely remove them. An EVA rubber pad is included to interface with the board and allow greater adjustment of the screws.


Surf / Kite boards designed by Waterman Co and builded by Uva Surfboards
Inserts for Straps + US Box Fin FCS



The Traful model is a very versatile and practical model that adapts to most users and conditions. Given its characteristics, it allows a progressive and powerful row


The LIMAY model is a highly technical model designed for racing, long distance, sprint and technical racing. Given its characteristics, it adapts to users of different weight and technique.


Full Carbon 3K Twill Ergonomic Handle.


Heat and shock protection for your 3 piece adjustable paddle. Fits all brands of 3 piece adjustable paddle.

Top quality protective fabric, thick padding and internal heat protection.